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GLA Ladies Even though we are a Michigan based dive club, you don't have to reside in Michigan to be a member. We have members in Wyoming, Arizona and Illinois. We even have a member in Canada. If you can't attend meetings, that's ok too, we also have a monthly newsletter, The Flipper, which is sent or emailed to all members. All vital information is posted there and on our new revamped website! Plus our board members are always around to answer questions and help in any way they can. Click on the buoy below to download a current list of board members and how they can be contacted.

Dues: $30.00 per person or family
(residing at the same address)
This includes 12 issues of The Flipper, and a well stocked first aid kit (including o2) at all dives. Plus all the dive buddies you could want!

Download Application Here

Dolphin in Roatan Photo by Kristina Troxell
New members will recieve a club membership card and a membership packet containing the club constitution and a variety of dive related materials. Plus if you are able to attend meetings, each month we have a new program with guest speakers and presentations including Michigan dives and lots of warm water destinations.

The Benefits of being a member of the GLA don't stop there. We also have a large library of diving related books, brochures, videos and pamphlets. All of these are available for free loan to members. Inquire at the next meeting for a list of available materials.

And one of the most basic advantages of belonging to the GLA is a constant buddy system. Our members are very knowledgable in their sport and eager to participate and pass their knowledge along. Come to a meeting and find out for yourself!

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Board Member List

Click on the buoy to download a current Board member list (in PDF format).

Or Call Tim Ouellette to sign up! 248.685.9505

Below is a list of the different types of dives and divers you may get to experience in our club. Check out our dive schedule to see what we are up to this year.

River Diving
-Including the St. Clair River and Detroit River.
Wreck Diving
-Throughout the Great Lakes and Canada.
Quarry Diving
-Most quarry dives are located in Ohio including Portage, Whitestar and Gilboa.
Lake Diving
-Large ones and small ones including Silver, Orchard and Maceday lakes.
-Help out your environment. We often sponsor cleanup dives including the Orchard Lake cleanup.
Wreck Hunting
-Some members of the club are active shipwreck hunters and finders!
Salt Water
-Almost every year there is at least one club sponsored trip to somewhere warm. Past trips include San Salvador, Cozumel and Roatan, among others.
Cavern Diving
-Bonn Terre Mines is a popular destination for members.
Tech Diving
-We have club members who are accomplished Technical Divers, routinely diving to 200'.
Mixed Gas
-Some members have vast experience diving with Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox.
Safety Divers
-Ask about our members that are safety divers for the APBA Hydroplane Races.
-A few members participate in shipwreck archeology.
Dry Suit Fashion
Dive Line in Roatan
Frank in Roatan